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24/7 Emergency Service

What Is An Emergency?

Having a heating or air conditioning issue is never fun. However, not all issues are considered an emergency. Homeowners are often unsure when their problem is bad enough to warrant calling for emergency service. The following are some guidelines to help you assess your situation when you’ve discovered a problem with your heating or air conditioning system outside of normal office hours.

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AIR CONDITIONER FAILURE Here in southern Missouri, we rely on our air conditioners for most of the summer. When a unit stops cooling, interior temperatures can rise quickly. This is considered an HVAC emergency, particularly if there are young children, pets or elderly family members in the home and you only have one central air conditioning system.

NO HEAT During the winter, when temperatures are near or below freezing, it is extremely important that you have an adequate heating source. If your heat pump or furnace isn’t producing heat, and the interior temperature is dropping quickly, it warrants a call for emergency service.

SAFETY CONCERNS Better safe than sorry when it comes to some HVAC issues. Leaking refrigerant (visible), smell of gas (propane or natural gas), carbon monoxide detected, smoke or sparks aren’t something to take lightly. Turn off the system and call us immediately.

WHEN IT IS NOT AN EMERGENCY? Although any problem with your HVAC system can be a hassle, not all issues warrant a call for emergency service. These include:

  • General repairs when the outdoor temperatures are moderate
  • Air filter cleaning
  • Routine maintenance
  • System failure due to a power outage

NOT SURE IF YOU NEED EMERGENCY SERVICE? Before calling for emergency HVAC service, it’s a good idea to troubleshoot the system first. Please see our TROUBLESHOOTING HVAC SYSTEM page for more information. Taking a few minutes to review this page may save you the money for a service call.

HOW ARE EMERGENCY SERVICE CALLS PRIORITIZED? All emergency service calls are not created equally. It is important for our Dispatcher and Technicians to know how to prioritize these calls when extreme weather hits and they are extremely busy.

Here are some things they must consider when deciding how to complete these calls:

  • Is the issue a safety concern? (gas leak, fire/smoke, etc)
  • Is there anyone in the home at high-risk?
  • Does the current weather justify an emergency service call? (extreme temperatures)
  • Does the homeowner have another heating or air conditioning source?
  • Is the homeowner a current PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE customer?
  • Has the homeowner attempted troubleshooting the system? What did they find?
  • Do I have immediate access to the needed part for this repair? Many parts are specific to a particular unit or system and must be special ordered. In these cases, emergency service is not possible.
  • Does the current weather situation allow the Technician to safely travel to and from the homeowner's location? The safety of the Technicians must also be a concern during times of dangerous road conditions.

24/7 Emergency Service (Nights & Weekends)

Emergencies don't just happen during office hours. Goff HVAC offers repair service on nights and weekends. There is an Emergency Service Fee of $25 accessed for service calls requested outside of our normal office hours. This fee is waived for all of our current PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE customers.

To request Emergency Repair Service, call us at 417-334-3681. If it is outside of our normal office hours, you will be prompted to “Press 9” and follow the instructions. You will leave your name, telephone number, home address and HVAC issue. A Technician will return your call promptly and discuss estimated arrival time.

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