Goff HVAC only works with equipment manufactures and suppliers who have been proven to stand behind their products and warranties. We have made supplier changes over the years to ensure we are only working with the best!

HVAC warranties may seem complicated, but they don't have to be. We are here to help you navigate these. This page is full of information on the types of warranties and what you can expect from each.

How Important Is A Warranty?

A new heating and air conditioning system is one of the largest investments you can make for your home and its warranty is very important...but why? No one likes surprises! Well, a surprise birthday party may be fun or a surprise visit from a favorite friend, but what about a surprise that costs you money? This is where a warranty comes in. It gives you peace of mind without the scary surprises.

All of the matched, central heating and air conditioning systems Goff HVAC installs offers a 10-Year Limit Parts Warranty through its manufacture. Well-known companies like Bosch, Armstrong, Concord and more.

What Types Of Warranties Are There?

Labor warranties, on the other hand, are provided by the company that installs your equipment. These warranties are important because HVAC performance depends heavily on whether the system was installed properly. A great installation results in great performance for many years. A sorry installation usually results in sorry performance, and it might only last a few years.

Companies that are confident in their installations typically offer a better warranty. We'll get into what "better" means in just a bit.

Installation Warranty


Basic Parts Warranty (Equipment Warranty)

Nearly all manufacturers include a 5-year warranty on their equipment no matter what. These are normally referred to as an Equipment Warranty, Basic Warranty, Basic Parts Warranty or Basic Limited Parts Warranty. These warranties typically start from the date of production and do not require a registration. Terms and coverage details vary according to the manufacturer and product.

An Equipment Warranty comes from the manufacturer. These warranties cover malfunctions or failures related to a faulty part. In other words, if your system quits because the manufacturer built it with a faulty part - and that part is still under warranty - the manufacturer will provide the replacement part.

But who pays to install the replacement part? Well...you do unless you have any type of Labor Warranty.

Keep reading to find out more about Labor Warranties and other warranty types.

Extended Parts Warranty

Similar to the Basic Parts Warranty, the Extended Parts Warranty is offered by the equipment manufacturer, but this warranty extends your coverage to 10 years if your products are properly registered within the required timeframe.

Here are a few important things to know about Extended Parts Warranty:

  • These warranties require professional installation by a certified HVAC company. Proof of this must be provided at registration.
  • Equipment must be registered within the timeframe set by the manufacturer (normally 30-90 days). Goff HVAC will handle all of the registration paperwork for you!
  • Maintenance, including filters and drain line clearing, is NOT covered by a Basic or Extended Parts Warranty.
  • Proof of properly performed seasonal maintenance must be provided in order to have repair claims approved.
  • Most "add-ons" are NOT covered by a Basic or Extended Parts Warranty. Things like thermostats, air cleaners, heat strip assemblies will have a seperate warranty.
  • Additional charges, such as shipping on parts, taxes and refrigerant are typically NOT covered by a Basic or Extended Parts Warranty.
  • You should review your Warranty Certificate and accompanying information to verify what is and is not covered by your particular warranty.

Labor Warranty

Labor Warranties may be offered by the equipment manufacturer, the installing dealer or a third party. These warranties offer an extension to your existing parts and/or labor coverage.

Over the last several years, many manufacturer's have stopped offering their own Labor Warranty. Many of these companies have transitioned to a third party, but this has caused warranty prices to rise dramatically and customer satisfaction to drop. These third-party companies typically are not interested in HVAC equipment or how they work. They don't understand how most failures happen and may argue necessary repairs. They also have to charge enough to pay the contracted Technician to make the repairs, pay their own overhead and make a profit.

At Goff HVAC, our philosophy is that if we installed the heating and air conditioning system, we know it was installed correctly and we understand how it is meant to operate. Therefore, who better to offer a Labor Warranty.

Goff HVAC offers three Labor Warranty programs. Like most Labor Warranties, enrollment in a Preventative Maintenance program is required. This is to ensure the system is kept in proper working order and to safeguard the equipment's parts warranty.

Basic Labor Warranty

  • Goff HVAC Includes A 1-Year Labor Warranty With All System Installs
  • Goff HVAC Also Includes A 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Agree With All System Installs

5-Year Extended Labor Warranty

  • Extends Labor Warranty To 5 Years
  • 30% Discount On Prepaid Preventative Maintenance Agreement (For Term Of Warranty)
  • 30% Discount On All Parts And Refrigerant Not Covered By Parts Warranty (For Term Of Warranty)
  • $575 With $49 Per Incident Deductible

10-Year Extended Labor Warranty

  • Extends Labor Warranty To 10 Years
  • 50% Discount On Prepaid Preventative Maintenance Agreement (For Term Of  Warranty)
  • 50% Discount On All Parts And Refrigerant Not Covered By Parts Warranty (For Term Of Warranty)
  • $850 With $39 Per Incident Deductible

Mini-Split Warranty

Mini-split systems do not carry the same warranties as central heating and air conditioner warranties. Mini-split warranties vary by manufacturer. Goff HVAC will provide warranty information on mini-split systems.

How To Void Your Warranty

Don't let a simple mistake void your entire warranty! Such mistakes include:

  • Not hiring a certified contractor to install the new system or make repairs. Not all companies are approved to install or service certain equipment.
  • Not registering the HVAC system and the warranty with the manufacturer in the required amount of time.
  • Not using approved replacement parts.
  • Failing to schedule required seasonal maintenance.
  • Failing to provide proper proof of maintenance services.
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