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Emergency Float Switch

Emergency Float Switch & Drain Pan

As your air conditioner draws humidity out of the air in your home, the indoor evaporating unit has a tendency to gather moisture. This water is captured by the drain pan and expelled outside of the home by way of the drain line.

But what happens when the drain line becomes plugged with dirt and slime? A mess happens…and possibly thousands of dollars in damage!

As part of your air conditioners routine maintenance, it is important to clear the drain line and inspect the drain pan for rust and cracks, but it is impossible to predict a disaster. A properly installed float switch can help you prevent one though.

A float switch is a small device installed in the drain pan of the evaporating unit. It is designed to prevent an overflow from happening when the drain pan has reached capacity. A small valve in the switch will float when the moisture begins to accumulate in the drain pan. This sends a signal to turn off the ac compressor, thus putting a stop to the condensation process and preventing an overflow.

This is especially valuable if your evaporating unit is located in an upper level, such as an attic, upstairs or in a condo. An overflow could mean ceiling and possibly even structural damage.

An AC float switch is a cost effective solution to give you the peace of mind against a potentially serious problem. Goff HVAC does offer a professional float switch installation as a stand-alone service, but discounts of up to 75% are available when combined with additional services.

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