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HVAC Diagnostic

Every service call starts with a diagnostic. Our Service Diagnostic charge is a set amount based on the customer's location. This fee covers the Technician's travel and time on property to diagnose your heating or air conditioning issue.

Once the Technician has identified the heating or air conditioning issue, they will share this information and possible charges with you BEFORE making any repairs. You decide if you want to make those repairs at that time or not.

If you choose not to make the repairs, you only pay the Service Diagnostic charge. If you choose to make the repairs, all charges will be due at the time of service.

Service Diagnostic Charges

Don't be fooled by companies advertising super low diagnostic fees! Many of these will add on tax, a trip charge, travel fees, fuel fees and more! Our Service Diagnostic fees are all inclusive.

  • $76 LOCAL (Branson, Hollister, Kirbyville, Powersite, Forsyth Area)
  • $86 ZONE 2 (Branson West, Kimberling City, Reeds Spring, Kissee Mills, Merriam Woods, Rockaway Beach, Ridgedale Area)
  • $96 ZONE 3 (Blue Eye, Highlandville, Saddlebrooke, Nixa, Ozark Area)
  • $116 Zone 4 (Bradleyville, Cedar Creek, Protem, Rueter, Cape Fair, Galena, Lampe, Shell Knob Area)
  • $126 Zone 5 (Lutie, Sparta Area)

Flat Fee vs Hourly Rates

Goff HVAC uses a Flat Fee program for repair charges. This is a big benefit to our customers.

Once a repair cost has been quoted and accepted, that amount will not change regardless of how long it may take the Technician to make the repair. There will only be additional charges if the Technician finds other issues once they begin, but the Technician will share this information immediately and you still have the option to stop the repair.

Hourly rate charges are only used when a repair is not something that can be quoted upfront. Things like relocating a unit or extensive cleanings are a couple examples of situations when hourly rate charges are quoted.

Common AC or Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps and air conditioners are mechanical systems and problems can occur with any system component, especially when the system is not properly cared for.

It is impossible to quote exact repair costs without a proper diagnostic. There are too many factors to consider. These include the brand of the system, the size of the system, availability of parts and more. We hope these examples will help though.

  • Compressor Replacement: $900-$2,800

Signs include ticking or rattling sounds from unit. Refrigerant leaks around outdoor unit. Warm air coming from vents. AC is tripping circuit breaker.

  • Drain Pan Replacement: $350-$650

Signs can include a rusted out pan, difficulty removing the pan, and standing fluid in the pan. Water leaking under or around indoor unit.

  • Blower Motor Replacement: $345-$635

Signs your blower motor may need repair or replacement include longer than normal cooling cycles, higher energy bills, less air coming from your vents. Ice on your evaporator coils.

  • Capacitor Replacement: $160-$245
  • Contactor Replacement: $155-$255
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